About Us

with an intention to create a perfect platform to provide fair transactions by understanding individual requirements and to provide the highest degree of professionalism with sincerity.

Why Johny’s realtors?

We - Johny's realtors don’t demand any sort of commission from the buyers. With us it’s a very fair deal…and the fairness of our deal is not just in words; rather it is our motto to make you feel the easiness, sincerity and professionalism in all our areas of interaction. We are providing Vasthu Consultation and construction. We can assist you in Soil Testing and other pollution tests.. We can assist you in document preparation/verification throughout the entire procedure. We provide facilities to register your property from anywhere in Kerala without any additional expenses. Only 2% commission from the sellers side only. We have Separate teams for separate needs. We assign professional team to assist each customer and to give them proper guidance.

Why the statement: ‘brokers please excuse’?

There are inexperienced brokers in real estate deal. They won't be representing any registered organization. They won't necessarily be real estate agents by profession. Such people does not possess any ethics needed to this field. Their approach are rather itching than support for the public. There may be the involvement of more than one real estate brokers in the real estate deal. All of them may demand their own commission in addition to which, they may hide the real value of the property to add excess amount which could become their cut at the end of the deal. These people are not at all professional and their approach always creates headaches to the customers.

Market Value Evaluation:

The valuation process evaluates the market value of the property, demand and supply forces operating in the market. With more than 2500 valuators operating throughout Kerala, Johny's Realtors achieves precision Value Evaluation . The type of the property and its quality of construction is given supreme importance. Its location and the other local infrastructure available are also taken in to count. Maintenance expenses or maintenance requirements are studied well and these are all taken into consideration before the market value is decided. Thus the price that the property can command in the open market, which is otherwise the market value of that property, is thus decided in an all professional approach.

Our Departments:

Internal and External Valuators Legal Verification team Document writers Drawing and preparation team After Sales Support

Legal Support:

There are a number of documents related to a real estate deal. It includes drawings and many other certificates. Property documents should be thoroughly checked and properly verified before the registration process. Borders of the land, public passages, access roads etc can always create problems. These can lead to unnecessary disputes with neighboring property owners and also affect the resale value of the land. One must be aware of the future expansions projects connected or related to the property. Land value varies highly depending upon such factors. Right from the initial discussions and throughout the deal till its closing time, one must require a well experienced person to identify and clarify all the legal aspects. in such a point view a legal practitioner is the best option to have in our team.